Our main transport is road transport.

We own modern truck fleet which consists of new Volvo and Renault trucks. We offer modern curtain and mega semi-trailers (lenght 13,6m witch capacity 90 or 100m³), special COIL trailers for coil material transport (recessed hull), car trains with (7,2m + 8m ; 7,6m +7,6m ; 7,75m +7,75m) 120 m3 capacity.

Truck drivers are licensed with ADR, what allows to transport hazardous goods.

Our main transport areas cover almost all West Europe and Russia

Documents accompanying the goods

European Union transport requires following documents:
– CMR – international waybill;
– Packaging note and bill. (are not mandatory, can be sent electronically).
– Some products require additional documents, like alcohol and ADR goods.

Goods from outside of European Union customs area require:
– Customs warehouse terminal transit declaration (T1), if good arrive through other European Union countries;
– TIR-Carnet, if goods arrive from outside of European Union;
– Entry declarations (SD), if goods are transported from border to customs warehouse.

After arriving of goods, declaration of import is formed, but to use goods it is required to form final declaration (IM4) and to pay custom fees and excise if required.

Other documents required:
– Goods bill;
– CMR – international waybill;
– Packaging note;
– Derivation document (EUR1, Form A, derivation sertificate);

For some shipment clauses require (as FCA, FOB, EXW) bill of shipment charge.

Some goods (as food) require phytosanitary certificate at the border or EU note that goods are corresponded to EU regulations.

TIR info


Transporter and expetitor responsebilitys are restricted. Road transporter has responsebility up to upper bound of 8.33 SDR per goods broto gross wheight. SDR is unit of international monetizing fund. It’s exchange rate is determined by Estonian Bank.

Lightweight and expensive good are reccomended to fortify with goods insurance contract that covers all the cargo value.

I youhave questions about goods insurance, feel free to contact our logistic departemnt.

ELEA cargo transport terms